The Release of Replica Air King 126900 from Clean Factory

The Replica Air King 126900, a new model introduced by Rolex in 2022, incorporates several changes from its predecessor. While the specific differences are well-known and may have already caught your attention, I won’t delve into them here. Instead, I’d like to highlight the replica Air King 126900 recently produced by Clean factory, a model that should be familiar to enthusiasts as it was previously manufactured by two prominent factories, GM and JVS.

GM, known for its low-key approach in the market, has consistently delivered reliable and quality watches. Despite not heavily marketing their products during new model releases, GM has built a reputation for producing dependable timepieces.

On the other hand, JVS is a factory that emerged during the closing period of VS. What sets JVS apart is its intriguing strategy of unveiling replicas simultaneously with the launch of new Rolex models. In comparison to the original VS factory, JVS offers a competitive pricing structure, making its replicas more accessible to a wider audience.

Comes to the Air King 126900, in the past, many people bought this replica from JVS factory, it is a good replica, but a lot of people still expected that Clean and VS can make it some day. Now Clean factory just published the 126900 replica just one week ago. VS factory still does not have this watch. So I think this one from Clean is currently is the best replica 126900 Air King in the market.

When comparing Clean’s version to the one produced by JVS, Clean indeed boasts certain advantages. Notably, the solidity of Clean’s hands set axis surpasses that of JVS. Additionally, in terms of the finish on the case and bracelet, Clean’s craftsmanship stands out, and I personally find it superior even when compared to Rolex replicas from the renowned VS factory. While many dealers emphasize the significance of movements and consider VS to have the best replica Rolex watches, it’s crucial to recognize that each watch factory has its own strengths.

In the realm of Rolex Datejust replicas, for instance, while VS employs the superior Dandong 3235 movement in some models, Clean’s Datejust offers advantages such as a superior dial finish. This is particularly evident in the subtlety of the sunburst lines on Clean’s Datejust, surpassing the visual appeal of those on VS Datejust. Additionally, clients have reported a more favorable user experience with the clasp of Clean’s Datejust. For those prioritizing a longer power reserve, VS Datejust might be the preferred choice, given the Dandong 3235 movement’s impressive 72-hour reserve. However, it’s worth noting that the Shanghai 3230 movement in the replica Air King by Clean is also commendable, boasting a tested power reserve of up to 48 hours and a reputation for reliability. Many dealers have attested to the Shanghai 3230 movement’s minimal issues or even none during future usage. It’s worth mentioning that as of now, VS factory does not have a clone 3230 movement in their inventory.

Clean consistently updates the packaging and stickers for their watches, as evident in the latest iteration of the Air King. The plastic cover now features an adorable cat design, and the sticker displaying the factory name “CLEAN” and “3230 super” differs from those seen on previous models. It reflects Clean’s ongoing efforts to bring a fresh and appealing presentation to their timepieces.

In addition, I’d like to share images of two new Daytona watches recently introduced by Clean. One model features an ice blue dial, while the other, crafted in rose gold, boasts a champagne dial. Both watches are adorned with diamond hour markers, adding a touch of luxury and sophistication to these latest additions to Clean’s lineup.

How about the Sky-Dweller from New N Factory?

The Rolex Sky-Dweller stands out as the most intricate timepiece in the Rolex collection—an assertion I wholeheartedly agree with, as per a detailed watch review. While the replica Rolex Sky-Dweller gained popularity during the existence of Noob in the market, Noob has been closed for several years now, causing this replica to fade from our collective memory. However, inquiries persist about the availability of super clones of the Sky-Dweller. In this article, I’ll delve into the quality of the Sky-Dweller replica from the New N Factory.

Limited information is available about New N, a factory that specializes in producing replicas of two Rolex models—Daytona and Sky-Dweller. The watches are identifiable by a prominent ‘N’ protective cap and an ‘N-904L’ sticker on the bracelet, reminiscent of Noob’s packaging. Some sources claim that New N is run by a relative of the former Noob’s boss. However, upon inspecting the Sky-Dweller replica from New N, notable disparities in finishing become apparent when compared to Noob. While these Sky-Dwellers may appear appealing in hand, I do not recommend purchasing them.

Another factory, TW, also manufactures replica Sky-Dwellers, but the overall finish is inferior to that of New N. Despite TW’s longstanding presence in the market, its replicas are not widely popular, offering only mid-tier quality.

The new Sky-Dweller with a green face, produced by New N Factory, exhibits an attractive appearance. The factory produces a variety of Sky-Dweller replicas, covering almost every model found on the Rolex website. Functional checks reveal satisfactory performance; however, the rotatable bezel is somewhat loose, affecting the overall operational experience. The month display adjacent to each hour marker changes as the bezel is rotated. The central circle on the dial represents the second time zone, with a red and white triangle marker indicating the corresponding time. Adjustment of this circle, as well as the time and date, can be made through the crown.

In conclusion, my recommendation is to refrain from purchasing a Sky-Dweller replica watch from the current market offerings, as none of them can truly be classified as a super clone watch. Despite the New N version’s commendable case and bracelet finish, the loose bezel compromises the overall user experience. I remain hopeful that a future entrant, perhaps from VS or Clean, will produce a significantly improved replica. However, such advancements are not anticipated within the next two years.

The New Trend – Replica Watches with Increased Weight

Lately, discussions within the replica watch enthusiast community have predominantly centered around replica watches with increased weight, a trend that has gained significant traction in the latter half of this year. While the replication of watches has progressively approached authenticity, enthusiasts continue to pursue perfection. Notably, some individuals in the market have undertaken custom-made projects on replicas produced by renowned factories like Clean, ZF, and VS. Among these, Clean, ZF, and VS were among the first to incorporate cases with increased weight into replica watches. Subsequently, other factories, including GM and GS, followed suit, releasing Day-Date replicas with increased weight, garnering considerable popularity upon their introduction to the market.

A notable addition to this trend is the emergence of TED, a factory specializing in YachtMaster 226659 replicas with increased weight. TED is rumored to be a sub-branch of the VS company, although some believe it to be a small independent studio with strong ties to VS. Presently, the most discussed factories in this context are Gold and APS. Gold focuses on replicating Daytona and YachtMaster models with increased weight, while APS specializes in Daytona and Royal Oak 15400 replicas with increased weight, with Gold gaining more popularity.

There are speculations surrounding Gold factory‘s origin, with some suggesting it is operated by Clean. However, the prevailing belief is that Gold is an established watch part factory with years of experience in the market. Gold currently exclusively produces Daytona and YachtMaster models with rubber bands. For a detailed comparison, images of the Daytona with a gray dial and rubber band from both Gold and APS were captured and analyzed.

Both Gold and APS utilize tungsten steel in their cases, albeit not in its pure form. Instead, a tungsten steel alloy is employed, as pure tungsten steel is excessively hard. The weight of the APS Daytona measures 145.2 grams, slightly heavier than the Gold variant at 142.9 grams. In comparison, the Daytona from Clean weighs approximately 109 grams, making both Gold and APS models over 30 grams heavier than their counterparts from Clean or BT. Despite this added weight, there remains a discrepancy compared to the genuine Daytona, which weighs around 160 grams. The use of tungsten steel affects the polishing of the case, as it is inherently harder and less easily polished to the smoothness achievable with stainless steel.

The primary distinction between the two lies in the movement. Gold Factory employs a Dandong 4130 movement in its Daytona, while APS opts for the Shanghai 4130. The Dandong 4130 has established itself as a reliable movement over the years, whereas the Shanghai 4130 is relatively new to the market, currently featured only in Daytona replicas produced by ZF and APS. This could explain the higher price tag of the Gold Daytona compared to its APS counterpart.

Both watches share a remarkably similar case shape and size, suggesting they may originate from the same watch part factory. The gray dial exhibits a slight variation in color between the two, with no clear superiority. On the clasp, the engravings on the APS Daytona appear thicker and deeper, with both Gold and APS utilizing 904L stainless steel for the clasp.

In conclusion, the provided images showcase the Daytona from Gold Factory, distinguished by a dog head icon, and the APS Factory variant featuring a green sticker.