The Release of Replica Air King 126900 from Clean Factory

The Replica Air King 126900, a new model introduced by Rolex in 2022, incorporates several changes from its predecessor. While the specific differences are well-known and may have already caught your attention, I won’t delve into them here. Instead, I’d like to highlight the replica Air King 126900 recently produced by Clean factory, a model that should be familiar to enthusiasts as it was previously manufactured by two prominent factories, GM and JVS.

GM, known for its low-key approach in the market, has consistently delivered reliable and quality watches. Despite not heavily marketing their products during new model releases, GM has built a reputation for producing dependable timepieces.

On the other hand, JVS is a factory that emerged during the closing period of VS. What sets JVS apart is its intriguing strategy of unveiling replicas simultaneously with the launch of new Rolex models. In comparison to the original VS factory, JVS offers a competitive pricing structure, making its replicas more accessible to a wider audience.

Comes to the Air King 126900, in the past, many people bought this replica from JVS factory, it is a good replica, but a lot of people still expected that Clean and VS can make it some day. Now Clean factory just published the 126900 replica just one week ago. VS factory still does not have this watch. So I think this one from Clean is currently is the best replica 126900 Air King in the market.

When comparing Clean’s version to the one produced by JVS, Clean indeed boasts certain advantages. Notably, the solidity of Clean’s hands set axis surpasses that of JVS. Additionally, in terms of the finish on the case and bracelet, Clean’s craftsmanship stands out, and I personally find it superior even when compared to Rolex replicas from the renowned VS factory. While many dealers emphasize the significance of movements and consider VS to have the best replica Rolex watches, it’s crucial to recognize that each watch factory has its own strengths.

In the realm of Rolex Datejust replicas, for instance, while VS employs the superior Dandong 3235 movement in some models, Clean’s Datejust offers advantages such as a superior dial finish. This is particularly evident in the subtlety of the sunburst lines on Clean’s Datejust, surpassing the visual appeal of those on VS Datejust. Additionally, clients have reported a more favorable user experience with the clasp of Clean’s Datejust. For those prioritizing a longer power reserve, VS Datejust might be the preferred choice, given the Dandong 3235 movement’s impressive 72-hour reserve. However, it’s worth noting that the Shanghai 3230 movement in the replica Air King by Clean is also commendable, boasting a tested power reserve of up to 48 hours and a reputation for reliability. Many dealers have attested to the Shanghai 3230 movement’s minimal issues or even none during future usage. It’s worth mentioning that as of now, VS factory does not have a clone 3230 movement in their inventory.

Clean consistently updates the packaging and stickers for their watches, as evident in the latest iteration of the Air King. The plastic cover now features an adorable cat design, and the sticker displaying the factory name “CLEAN” and “3230 super” differs from those seen on previous models. It reflects Clean’s ongoing efforts to bring a fresh and appealing presentation to their timepieces.

In addition, I’d like to share images of two new Daytona watches recently introduced by Clean. One model features an ice blue dial, while the other, crafted in rose gold, boasts a champagne dial. Both watches are adorned with diamond hour markers, adding a touch of luxury and sophistication to these latest additions to Clean’s lineup.


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