1:1 Super Clone Rolex Submariner No Date 124060

1:1 Super Clone Rolex Submariner No Date 124060

A couple of weeks back, a reader of my blog raised a query about which factory produces the finest replica of the 114060 Submariner: Clean or VS? I maintained that both factories deliver comparable quality for the 114060 model, but the individual remained doubtful. Subsequently, they inquired about the superior replica of the 124060 Submariner. At the time, I endorsed Clean, citing VS’s lack of an offering in that category. So, which one reigns supreme for the Rolex Submariner 114060 replica? I stand by Clean, as they were the earliest entrant into the market with the 114060 model, preceding VS. The 3135 movement inside exhibits minimal differences.

However, just a few days ago, VS announced the launch of their 41mm Submariner No Date 124060. Consequently, if you were to inquire about the best replica rolex of the 124060 Submariner now, I would unequivocally recommend VS due to its vastly superior movement.

The VS 124060 houses the 3230 movement, which is derived from the custom-made 3235 by VS. Consequently, this 3230 movement boasts a 72-hour power reserve, which is the primary factor contributing to the higher prices of VS’s Datejust and 41mm Submariner compared to Clean’s. As for the 40mm Submariner, there’s no need for confusion; both Clean and VS produce models of identical quality. However, when it comes to the green Submariner 116610LV, I only vouch for Clean’s version. Presently, the custom-made 3230 and 3235 movements are exclusively supplied to VS, which explains their ability to command such premium prices for their Datejust and 41mm Submariner models.

In terms of the black ceramic bezel, Clean is renowned for producing the best ceramic bezels for the Submariner. While it’s known that VS now utilizes Clean’s ceramic bezels, it’s uncertain whether they are the latest iterations. Previously, there were numerous concerns about the Submariner’s ceramic bezel, including issues with the finish of the pearl, the bezel markers, and the coating. However, it seems that these issues have been rectified, as they are rarely discussed nowadays.

The Submariner remains an excellent choice for beginners seeking their first replica Rolex watch. There are no technical limitations hindering the production of the Submariner replica, and most manufacturers are adept at crafting it with remarkable fidelity to the genuine article. Consequently, client feedback regarding the Submariner is overwhelmingly positive, making it one of the most reliable and closest-to-authentic replicas available.


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