New Super Clone Rolex Daytona from Clean

Clean has recently introduced a plethora of new models, with a significant focus on Daytona and Datejust timepieces. Among these, the Daytona offerings from Clean have garnered substantial praise, widely regarded for their commendable quality despite lingering imperfections. Following the latest improvements, the V2 iteration of Clean’s Daytona exhibits notable enhancements, though comparisons with Daytona models from BT factory reveal a striking similarity in quality. As I’ve mentioned previously, each watch manufacturer presents its own set of advantages and shortcomings, underscoring the reality that no replicas are flawless. However, it’s evident that prices across the board have markedly increased.

Displayed below are images of the latest two-tone Daytona model in stainless steel and yellow gold. Despite claims on certain dealers’ websites, such as TrustyTime and ChazingTime (or InTime, affiliated with the same team), asserting that all gold watches are crafted from 18K gold, this assertion is inaccurate. While gold coating on replica watches now boasts considerable longevity, it’s important to clarify this misconception. The case maintains a correct thickness, measuring approximately 12.3mm, mirroring the genuine watch closely. The blue dial, accentuated by red subdials, exudes a captivating allure. This dial aesthetic also translates exceptionally well onto a full stainless steel Daytona. The white printings and red “DAYTONA” lettering on the dial exhibit a remarkable level of imitation, surpassing that of other Daytona replicas. Engravings on the back of each lug are concealed with tape by Clean to prevent scratching.

Both Clean and BT tout their respective Daytonas as the pinnacle of replica craftsmanship in the market. While personal preferences may vary, I typically recommend Clean to prospective buyers, though BT’s Daytona offerings are also commendable. Additionally, some watch factories produce Daytonas equipped with the reliable 7750 movement, offering a more budget-friendly alternative. However, if budget permits, Clean and BT stand out as optimal choices. JH factory’s Valjoux 7750 Daytonas offer a more affordable option, boasting accuracy and stability in movement performance. Nevertheless, I still harbor doubts regarding Clean’s Daytona in three aspects. Firstly, does the Dandong 4130 movement truly possess a 72-hour power reserve? This claim appears dubious given the absence of personal testing, especially considering its Chinese origin. Secondly, Clean asserts enhanced water resistance by incorporating a material between the crystal and bezel—is this factual? Lastly, Clean maintains that the case and bracelet finish of their Daytona mirrors that of ARF Daytona models; however, I remain skeptical as ARF’s finishing is notably exceptional.

Regarding rumors suggesting AR factory’s return and the release of Rolex GMT-Master replica watches, there is no substantiated evidence to support this claim. Similarly, reports of being able to purchase watches from Noob are likely fraudulent, as some readers have discovered to their detriment.

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