How about the Sky-Dweller from New N Factory?

The Rolex Sky-Dweller stands out as the most intricate timepiece in the Rolex collection—an assertion I wholeheartedly agree with, as per a detailed watch review. While the replica Rolex Sky-Dweller gained popularity during the existence of Noob in the market, Noob has been closed for several years now, causing this replica to fade from our collective memory. However, inquiries persist about the availability of super clones of the Sky-Dweller. In this article, I’ll delve into the quality of the Sky-Dweller replica from the New N Factory.

Limited information is available about New N, a factory that specializes in producing replicas of two Rolex models—Daytona and Sky-Dweller. The watches are identifiable by a prominent ‘N’ protective cap and an ‘N-904L’ sticker on the bracelet, reminiscent of Noob’s packaging. Some sources claim that New N is run by a relative of the former Noob’s boss. However, upon inspecting the Sky-Dweller replica from New N, notable disparities in finishing become apparent when compared to Noob. While these Sky-Dwellers may appear appealing in hand, I do not recommend purchasing them.

Another factory, TW, also manufactures replica Sky-Dwellers, but the overall finish is inferior to that of New N. Despite TW’s longstanding presence in the market, its replicas are not widely popular, offering only mid-tier quality.

The new Sky-Dweller with a green face, produced by New N Factory, exhibits an attractive appearance. The factory produces a variety of Sky-Dweller replicas, covering almost every model found on the Rolex website. Functional checks reveal satisfactory performance; however, the rotatable bezel is somewhat loose, affecting the overall operational experience. The month display adjacent to each hour marker changes as the bezel is rotated. The central circle on the dial represents the second time zone, with a red and white triangle marker indicating the corresponding time. Adjustment of this circle, as well as the time and date, can be made through the crown.

In conclusion, my recommendation is to refrain from purchasing a Sky-Dweller replica watch from the current market offerings, as none of them can truly be classified as a super clone watch. Despite the New N version’s commendable case and bracelet finish, the loose bezel compromises the overall user experience. I remain hopeful that a future entrant, perhaps from VS or Clean, will produce a significantly improved replica. However, such advancements are not anticipated within the next two years.


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