Clean Pepsi GMT V2

Today, I’ll be sharing images and a video featuring the latest V2 edition of the replica Rolex GMT-Master II Pepsi recently released by the Clean factory.

Previously, I held the belief that Clean produced the highest quality ceramic bezels for replica Rolex watches, including the Submariner and GMT-Master II. However, it turns out that my assumption was incorrect. While Clean’s 116610LV features the best green ceramic bezel with the most accurate color, other factories might excel in producing ceramic bezels for GMT-Master II replicas. For instance, a friend mentioned that the GMT-Master II Pepsi crafted by the GS factory boasts a more precise blue and red color. This highlights the notion that no replica watch is flawless. If a factory prioritizes perfecting specific components to closely resemble genuine parts, other aspects may not receive the same level of attention.

In the V2 edition of the Pepsi GMT with the jubilee bracelet, notable upgrades have been made to the bezel. In the last picture and video, the watch on the left represents V1, while the one on the right is V2. A UV flashlight illuminates the changes in bezel color. It’s unclear if this new bezel is produced by Clean. The blue and red hues on V2 appear darker compared to the brighter tones on V1. While some appreciate the color change on the bezel, others suggest it has a slightly purplish tint. Opinions may vary, so what are your thoughts?

The Pepsi GMT with the Oyster bracelet has also been upgraded to V2, but the other GMT-Master II models from Clean remain unchanged.


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