Clean Factory Replica Rolex Daytona 126519LN with Shanghai 4131 Movement

Clean Factory Replica Rolex Daytona 126519LN with Shanghai 4131 Movement

The grey dial Daytona with a black rubber band has undeniably been one of the best-selling replica Rolex watches in recent years. Multiple factories, notably BT and Clean, initially released replicas of this model. Towards the end of 2023, both APS and Gold Factory introduced an increased weight version of the grey Daytona. However, there seems to be waning interest in this upgraded version, with more enthusiasts still opting for the regular models, particularly the grey Daytona from Clean, which remains a hot commodity. Despite initial expectations, Clean’s decision not to produce the increased weight version of the Daytona in 2024 suggests a shift in market preferences.

Following the new year holiday, Clean factory surprised enthusiasts with the release of the new Daytona 126519LN replica. While some anticipated a more significant reveal, such as an ice blue Daytona with a see-through crystal back, Clean has no immediate plans for such a model. Despite Clean unveiling four new Daytona models, the 126519LN grey Daytona stands out to me, as the design changes seem more harmonious on this particular variant.

It’s noteworthy that many watch enthusiasts have expressed dissatisfaction with the designs of the new Daytonas. Personally, I share the sentiment, particularly regarding the elongated and pointed hour markers, which detract from the overall elegance of the dial. Those who prefer the older 116519LN model are advised to make their purchase promptly, as there are rumors circulating in the market suggesting that Clean might replace the Dandong 4130 movement with the Shanghai 4130—an unexpected development.

In terms of dial quality, comparisons between Clean and VS Rolex replicas are common. In my opinion, Clean excels in dial finish quality. Meanwhile, BT factory has yet to release the 12xxxx series Daytona, a prudent decision given the lukewarm reception to the new designs. Moreover, uncertainties persist regarding the stability of the Shanghai 4131 movement, a variant based on the Shanghai 4130 with enhanced aesthetics. As for the new Daytona 126519LN, my recommendation is to exercise patience, especially considering Clean’s current stance on improvement and the release of a V2 edition in the near future.

Looking ahead, I’m hopeful that BT can introduce the ice blue Daytona with a see-through crystal back—a move that could potentially elevate their standing in the Rolex replica market and challenge Clean’s dominance.


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