Replica Rolex Air King 126900 with Super Clone 3230 Movement

Replica Rolex Air King 126900 with Super Clone 3230 Movement

A few weeks ago, the VS factory announced the release of their new Air King replica watch, and now it is finally available. Previously, VS did not have a true super clone 3230 movement; they used their renowned 3235 movement for the Oyster Perpetual Rolex replicas. However, this left a date adjustment position on the crown, revealing it was not a genuine 3230. The newly developed super clone 3230 movement by VS factory solves this issue completely. This 3230 movement is entirely separate from the 3235 also produced by VS, making it the best 3230 available on the market.

The Rolex Air King 126900 replica has been produced by two other manufacturers, JVS and Clean, both of which use the Shanghai 3230 movement. Unlike these, the VS model features a super clone 3230 from Dandong with a longer power reserve exceeding 70 hours. While the VS Air King may not surpass Clean’s version overall, its movement is superior with better stability and longer power reserve. However, upon examining the bracelets of both models, I found that Clean’s version has a higher quality stainless steel bracelet, likely using the same OEM supplier as AR. In contrast, the bracelet on the VS model has slightly loose links. Here are some pictures of the VS 126900.

Furthermore, the attention to detail in the VS Air King 126900 replica is commendable. The case design, dial finishing, and overall aesthetics closely mimic the original Rolex. Despite the bracelet issue, the watch’s accuracy and power reserve make it a worthwhile contender for those seeking a high-quality replica. The improved movement is a significant enhancement, providing users with a more authentic experience. This new addition from VS factory showcases their continuous commitment to improving and refining their watch replicas, ensuring that enthusiasts get the best possible product.


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