Super Clone Rolex Explorer II 16570

Super Clone Rolex Explorer II 16570

Many readers of my blog show a keen interest in vintage Rolex replicas, especially since I have reviewed several popular models like the Daytona Paul Newman and the Submariner. They are in search of high-end, super clone versions. However, the market lacks super clones of vintage Rolex watches; the available ones are of middle quality, predominantly made by BP factory, with a few from unknown sources. Cloning vintage Rolex watches accurately is challenging. The most precise replica I’ve encountered is the Daytona Paul Newman, which closely resembles the original. Some vintage Submariner and GMT-Master replicas also look impressive. For more details, please refer to my posts.

The replica Rolex Explorer 16570, crafted by BP, one of the longest-standing watch manufacturers, showcases their extensive experience of over 20 years in the industry. BP primarily produces low to middle quality replica Rolex watches but offers a wide range of models. This vintage Explorer 16570 uses 316L stainless steel instead of the higher-grade 904L. The case has a brushed finish with polished sides and edges, and the crystal is slightly raised above the bezel, which has 24-hour markers with black coating. The screw-in crown is recessed and well-protected by the guards.

The solid case back features a sticker with blue “A” lettering, signifying an A-level clone. Many watches have similar markings, sometimes showing “A+” or “AAA.” As mentioned before, “AAA” does not necessarily denote the best quality. Most super clones from renowned factories like Clean, ZF, and VS do not carry such markings. In my view, “AAA” simply indicates the top quality among middle-tier replicas.

This replica uses an Asian clone 2836 automatic movement, one of the earliest movements alongside the 2824, though now rarely seen in super clones. Today, the highest-end super clones typically use Japanese Miyota 9015 or Dandong movements. Personally, I am not particularly fond of this Explorer 16570 as it lacks the vintage charm found in other vintage Rolex models.


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