Super Clone Rolex GMT-Master II 126718GRNR and 126713GRNR

Super Clone Rolex GMT-Master II 126718GRNR and 126713GRNR

Introducing OW Factory on my blog is a first for me, and truth be told, it’s my first encounter with them as well. I’m uncertain about their level of fame; after some online research, I discovered that they were primarily known for producing replica sneakers, and their foray into watchmaking hasn’t been met with glowing reviews. Typically, I only feature renowned and established factories on my blog, such as Clean, VS, EW, GM, VR, BP, ZF, and the like. These factories are typically not the first to release replica rolex of the latest Swiss brand models. Instead, it’s often the lesser-known factories that rush to produce replicas of the newest models from Swiss brands, offering them at lower prices but compromising on quality.

The latest Rolex models, the GMT-Master II 126718GRNR and 126713GRNR from 2023, have been replicated by OW Factory, alongside their first replica of the Oyster Perpetual Bubble. Regarding the two replica GMT-Master II models, one is entirely crafted in yellow gold, while the other boasts a two-tone design. However, in terms of quality, I have my reservations. Upon closer inspection, the gold color appears off—rather than resembling authentic yellow gold, it appears somewhat dark and incorrect in shade. Consequently, concerns about potential fading become moot. It’s possible that the gold coating on these two watches from OW Factory is thin, resulting in a somewhat cheap appearance. Hopefully, will produce their versions soon, although I doubt they have immediate plans to do so. We may need to exercise patience until October or beyond. However, when it comes to replicas of golden Submariners and GMT-Master IIs, Clean has consistently delivered the correct gold color. Therefore, it’s advisable not to rush into purchasing the first available replica; often, better versions are released by more reputable watch factories.


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