Clean published two new Datejust

Our traditional Chinese New Year holiday is set to commence on February 8th, with the shipping company halting arrangements from February 3rd onwards. If you’re eyeing some super clones, time is of the essence, as the watch factories won’t resume operations until February 24th. You still have a few days left to finalize your decision.

Clean had announced the production of the two new Datejust replica watches two weeks ago. These models, both Datejust 2 in 41mm with a thickness mirroring that of the genuine, feature a two-tone style crafted from 904L stainless steel. Adorned with yellow gold plating on the bezel, crown, and bracelet, the gold tone maintains consistency across these components.

The Datejust 2 with a green Roman dial has garnered significant popularity. Additionally, Clean offers a full stainless steel model for the green Roman Datejust, presenting a more mature aesthetic. Maintaining their reputation for consistently high-quality finishes, Clean remains unrivaled as the king in the realm of super clone Rolexes, focusing solely on Rolex replicas.

Choosing between Clean and VS for Datejust super clones can be a challenging decision. However, I lean towards Clean for several reasons. While VS excels with their Dandong 3235 movement boasting over 60 hours of power reserve, Clean outshines in other aspects. While both factories deliver comparable finishes on the case and bracelet, Clean’s meticulous attention to detail extends to less visible areas, such as the interior of the opening clasp, as depicted in the first image below. Clean’s superior quality control is evident, particularly with their Daytona models, which consistently maintain high standards without any reported quality issues.

While VS may tout their Rolex replicas with Dandong 3235 as flagship products, I contend that their true flagship models, with fewer or no quality concerns, are the Seamaster 150m or Planet Ocean 600m. Even with the best 3235 movement, there’s still a risk of receiving a watch with easily broken components if thorough quality checks aren’t conducted before shipping. VS could undoubtedly capture a larger share of the super clone Rolex market by enhancing their quality control measures moving forward.

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