Clean Factory New Blue Daytona

Clean Factory New Blue Daytona

Currently, there’s a peculiar trend in our market—fewer new models are being released. Why is this happening? I believe the primary reason lies in the increasingly stringent government policies against counterfeit goods. Every watch factory is wary of the risk of being discovered and subjected to raids. From my observations, only VS and APS periodically introduce new watches, whereas other factories, including Clean, often take longer to unveil new models.

Today, we’re discussing the replica blue Rolex produced by Clean—a fresh addition to Clean’s lineup, albeit not entirely novel to the market, as BT factory has previously released this replica.

When it comes to super clones of the Daytona, Clean stands out as my top recommendation. Comparatively, the quality of replicas from BT and APS still falls short of Clean’s standards. In the case of BT’s Daytona, the disparities in quality primarily lie in the dial printings and the axis of the handset, areas where Clean demonstrates superior craftsmanship. However, other aspects of the Daytona replica from BT are on par with Clean’s offerings. As for Daytona replicas from APS factory, it’s widely believed that they are crafted from 316L stainless steel.

Regarding the versions of Daytona replicas from Clean, the black ceramic Panda Daytona 116500 is designated as V3, while the white ceramic Panda Daytona 116500 is labeled as V2. All other Daytonas from Clean are categorized as V1. Notably, Clean does not manufacture the Daytona with an ice blue dial—this variant is exclusively produced by BT and New Noob.

To conclude, I invite you to admire the images of the new Daytona from Clean.


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