VS Factory Replica Rolex Sea-Dweller 126603 Two Tone with 3235 Movement

VS Factory Replica Rolex Sea-Dweller 126603 Two Tone with 3235 Movement
This replica watch was released by VS Factory in October 2022. It is a two-tone golden Rolex Sea-Dweller replica, with its most significant advantage being the movement. The watch uses VS’s renowned 3235 movement, which is also found in their Datejust and 41mm Submariner models. Clean Factory has always been a direct competitor of VS in the Rolex market, leading to frequent questions about which factory produces the best Datejust and Submariner: Clean or VS? While VS might have a superior movement, what about the case finish, dial, and other details? Which factory excels overall? Both VS and Clean deliver high quality, and the movement in Clean’s Datejust and Submariner is also reliable and has been well-tested. In my opinion, VS does not have an absolute edge over Clean. The movement is good, but it’s not significantly better, and unlike the previous AR Factory, whose Rolex cases and bracelets were superior, neither VS nor Clean can achieve that level currently.

This replica watch features a 43mm case with a thickness of 15mm, made from real 904L stainless steel. However, I have some doubts about whether these super clone Rolexes truly use real 904L stainless steel. Around three years ago, these factories simultaneously announced that their Rolex replicas were made with genuine 904L steel. The bezel is unidirectional and features a black ceramic insert, which VS claims is Swiss imported—a statement that seems more like a sales tactic. The bezel’s teeth are in a yellow gold tone, which I find pleasing as it matches the gold tone on the case, bezel, and bracelet consistently. In some golden replica watches, particularly the wrapped gold Datejust models from GM Factory, the gold tone on the case differs from that on the bezel, which is not the case here.The details on the black dial are executed very well. The “SEA-DWELLER” text matches the gold tone of the case and bracelet. On this model, everything on the dial looks perfect. Many people are concerned about the alignment of the big triangle marker and the crown logo, and in this watch, they are aligned perfectly. It’s important to tell your dealer to select a good timepiece, as not all Sea-Dweller 126603 replicas from VS Factory have such a perfect dial.The movement is a clone 3235 automatic, which VS claims to be the best clone 3235 movement used in replica Rolex watches. VS Factory states that the movement has a 72-hour power reserve. Although I haven’t tested it myself, I find it hard to believe a replica movement could have such a long power reserve. Most replica watches I’ve encountered typically work for 35-40 hours continuously. Perhaps I should test this 3235 movement someday. Clean Factory has not yet produced this Sea-Dweller replica, but I expect they will soon, likely pricing it close to VS’s version. Why are Clean’s timepieces always overpriced?


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