QF Replica Rolex Daytona 126506 Ice Blue Daytona Available

I was initially thrilled to witness the emergence of this 1:1 super replica Rolex Daytona in the market, only to be somewhat disheartened upon realizing it wasn’t crafted by Clean factory. This new Rolex¬†Daytona replica, featuring a transparent crystal back, garnered considerable anticipation, with many enthusiasts eagerly awaiting a super clone rendition. Regrettably, this offering from QF fails to meet expectations, despite being priced exorbitantly.

While unfamiliar with QF factory prior to this, some sources suggest they specialize in crafting replica  watches with enhanced weight. Indeed, this Daytona weighs over 177 grams, a trait that garnered attention. However, I strongly advise against purchasing this Daytona from QF, primarily due to its inferior movement.

Although I haven’t had the opportunity to examine a genuine Daytona 126506 watch and thus cannot draw direct comparisons regarding case shape and dial details, the movement remains a significant concern. QF asserts the use of a Dandong 4130 movement in this replica Daytona. However, it’s crucial to note that this Dandong 4130 differs from the one utilized by Clean Daytona. The movement in QF’s iteration features uni-directional winding, whereas Clean Daytona employs a bi-directional winding mechanism. These discrepancies render the QF version subpar. Despite this, QF persists in marketing this replica Daytona at a comparable or even higher price than Clean’s offering, a situation that appears unjust.

Therefore, I recommend refraining from purchasing this Daytona from QF at present. Instead, exercise patience, as I anticipate Clean will introduce their version soon, offering a superior alternative.

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