1:1 Fake Replica Rolex Daytona 126500

The replica Rolex 126500, a new Daytona model introduced by Rolex in 2023, has gained popularity in the market. While the best-selling replica Rolex Daytona is the 116500 from Clean factory, another contender for the 126500 is produced by ZF. However, recent reviews suggest that ZF’s version has various flaws, leading to a new player in the field – AR+ factory.

In contrast to ZF’s inaccuracies such as the wrong case shape, incorrect subdials, and the use of a Shanghai 4130 movement, AR+ has addressed these issues in their replica 126500. Despite achieving a correct case shape, the AR+ version still falls short in terms of thickness, measuring around 12.3mm compared to the genuine 11.9mm. An examination of the watch reveals a slightly thick crystal contributing to this discrepancy. Flaws are also noted in the crown, particularly in the shape of the three small dots.

AR+ factory, a new entrant in the market, is distinct from the previous AR factory that gained popularity before closing down. The connection between ARF and AR+ is questioned, with speculation that these new entities might be small teams aiming to capitalize on the established AR name for easier sales.

On the movement front, the AR+ replica features a Dandong 4131, and initial observations highlight an engraving with “4131.” However, concerns arise as there is a noticeable noise when shaking the rotor, unlike the Dandong 4130 in the replica 116500, which doesn’t exhibit such noise.

In conclusion, caution is advised before making a purchase decision on the 126500 replica from AR+, as thorough testing of the Dandong 4131 movement is still pending.

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